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Amy Baldwin has more than 21 years experience in the Legal, Real Estate/Mortgage Industry.  Baldwin on the Move, provides exceptional Notarial Services. Clients are very pleased with the ease and the stress-free service that I provide.  Let me come to you in the convenience of your home or office to eliminate your drive time.

  • Monday - Friday Hours 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Saturday Hours 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • Sunday Hours 11:00am - 4:00pm

 **** If you have an urgent request, call for availability****

  • Mortgage - Seller Package $100.00
  • Mortgage - Buyer Package $150.00
  • Mortgage - Refinance Package $150.00
  • Reverse Mortgage Package $150.00
  • VA Mortgage Buyer/Refi Package $150.00
  • Home Equity Line of Credit $100.00
  • Mortgage Application Signings $75.00
  • Reverse Mortgage Application Signing $100.00
  • Power of Attorney $50.00
  • Affidavit of Parental Consent to Travel $50.00
  • If there is something that is not listed - please call for a quote.
  • State issued Drivers License
  • State issued Identification Card
  • Government Issued Passport
  • Government Issued Military Identification Card

***Please note - All identification must have a photo and be valid - NOT Expired.  Please check before you book your appointment.


At the time of notarization, all documents to be notarized must contain no blanks or incomplete fields. The entire document must be completed, but not signed. Further, all document pages to be notarized must be available at the time the documents are to be signed. A notary public may not accept any acknowledgment or proof of any instrument that is incomplete.

Signer’s must personally appear and sign in the presence of the notary.

Service Areas:

  • All of Pierce County
  • Northern Thurston County
  • Southern King County
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